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After nine months and almost 3000 hours of planning, preparing and implementing, JONSSON WORKWEAR went live on DATASCOPE WMS on the 1st of July 2013.

This Greenfield site is a showcase for both JONSSON WORKWEAR and DATASCOPE. Much time was spent investigating the various options for the warehouse design to ensure that the final result is particularly focused on giving JONSSON WORKWEAR specific strategic business benefits.

The new warehouse will allow for strong business growth for the coming 6 years. Over 17000 VNA bulk locations are in place and over 25 000 pick face locations have been allocated. All orders are induced into the warehouse using our new carton cubing module. This module automatically drives separate picking processes for full carton orders and for mixed SKU orders. Many orders are picked at a wearer level meaning that the entire customer sales order is split down to named wearers and DATASCOPE WMS then induces a picking carton for each wearer. The net effect is that JONSSON WORKWEAR customers are now receiving a specialized carton packed for each individual.

To limit risk on this massive project, it was agreed to phase in the go live. We started with one of Jonsson Workwear’s biggest Corporate Workwear Solutions customers; moving all their garments and running the system for a week, picking only their orders. We then followed with a further 35 customers over the next three weeks. By mid-August we had most of the Corporate Workwear Solutions customers operating the warehouse. In September we will be bringing across the garments that fall under the Workwear Sales Channel.

We have been quite surprised with the efficiency of Voice picking. It is a lot faster than traditional scanner based picking.

Harold Fortmann, a key leader in the development and roll of the new DC, had the following to say about DATASCOPE: “We have been very impressed with the speed and accuracy of this highly automated warehouse system. Datascope have been a huge help in the guiding and planning of this project. We are especially thankful and impressed with their commitment and dedication which has ensured that we have gone live with the minimum interruption to customer deliveries.”

DATASCOPE have again built a great working relationship with a blue chip SYSPRO client.

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The Glodina Towels warehouse in Durban successfully went live with DATASCOPE WMS on the 01 July 2013.  Unitrans was selected by Glodina to manage their warehouse and the Unitrans team selected DATASCOPE WMS to assist them ease this mammoth task.  Glodina Black Label is the country’s leading manufacturer of superior quality towels and related products. Glodina has manufactured high quality towelling for over 60 years and their decision to partner with DATASCOPE was wisely taken to regain control of their stock holding and take their business to the next level.

Timing was always going to be tight on this project, we knew it.  Unitrans had one weekend to take over the stock control at Glodina and we had no access into the warehouse for stock preparation until that time...  Fortunately, bin labelling could start well in advance as it did not interfere with the current operations.  We performed rigorous practical training with the Unitrans staff and eventually, the excitement to “go live” reached fever pitch a few days before the cut-off point!

Stocktake was performed and variances were accepted.  We were ready to “turn the key”!  Carton picking began and after a few days, the rhythm increased.  (The challenge for us was that Unitrans wanted to pick by carton and label each carton during the pick.  DATASCOPE WMS was developed for this new picking method as well as enhanced so as to sort the pickslips automatically into groups according to Material Handling Equipment (MHEs) (e.g. Forklift, Man-Up).  With this functionality, two pickers with different MHE types can pick the same pickslip.  This dramatically increases the time taken to pick.  This was especially beneficial, as Glodina’s typical orders can be hundreds of cartons in size.)

Thanks to the excellent commitment from all three sides (Glodina, Unitrans and DATASCOPE), the back- log was caught up within a few weeks and the pace dramatically sped up.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are next on the list to finalize.  It has been an interesting journey but we wish to thank all the committed persons involved in making this project a great success!