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Chemical Industry

Akulu Marchon

Another Chemical Services Limited company, Akulu Marchon, has joined the ranks of the ever-growing base of DATASCOPE WMS users.  Chemical Services is the speciality chemicals component of the AECI Group and Akulu manufactures and distributes raw materials to the surfactant, cosmetic, toiletry, detergent, pharmaceutical and selected performance chemical markets. The company manufactures and imports products from their Production and Warehousing facility in Chemserve Place in Chloorkop, Kempton Park.

After a User Acceptance Test in Port Elizabeth, the WMS implementation started with the signing off of the Functional Specification document on 26 April 2010.  As soon as the WMS was installed in site, the re-labeling of nearly 2,900 bulk bin locations on their
8,200m2 property could begin.  Time was spent on user training and on the 21 June 2010, the site went live.  The implementation took 35 working days.

As 200kg drums of product are manufactured at their production facility, they are uniquely labelled with barcoded tracking IDs.  These drums are then transported to the warehouse and are palletised using the  new WMS ‘Palletisation’ scanner module – i.e. the consolidating of different tracking ID’s onto one new tracking ID, with the ability to ‘de-stuff’ the original tracking ID’s at a later stage and still retain their identity.  The pallets are then Put Away into the warehouse in specific zones.  Stock is reserved from their Customer Care Centre in Bryanstan and pick slips are printed in the Kempton Park warehouse.  Drums are then picked and checked out using Intermec CK3 scanners and invoices print automatically for dispatch.  Full truck load planning will be implemented as a further phase in months to come.

Akulu has given DATASCOPE the green light to replicate the implementation at their Mobeni branch in Durban in the next two months.

DATASCOPE is proud to be associated with Akulu Marchon and its staff, and looks forward to forging deeper relationships within the Chemserve Group

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Industrial Urethanes

Formed in 1983 Industrial Urethanes provides technology, product development services, expertise and customized solutions in the ever-expanding field of polyurethanes and their multitude of applications in primary, secondary and manufacturing industries.  Polyurethanes touch the lives of many millions of people worldwide.  They’re in our home appliances, fridges and freezers, our furniture, mattresses, pillows, the buildings in which we work, roofs and floors, the cars we drive, our swimming pools and even in the shoes we wear.

In April 2010 Industrial Urethanes commissioned DATASCOPE Consulting to implement WMS at their
Production Plant in KwaZulu-Natal.  The Datascope WMS solution manages stock through the Durban (Umbogintwini) factory, through to their Durban warehouse and then out to customers.  Stock is also shipped to the Johannesburg Chloorkop warehousing facilities.

The Project lasted six weeks and included the following steps:

The production area is covered by a wireless network with 3 scanners and 1 barcode printer situated in their Control Room central to the Rigid and Flexible production areas. 

Implementing DATASCOPE WMS in their Work In Progress area will assist in controlling stock holding and movements through receipting of the raw material into production and receipting finished products off production line.

Previous DATASCOPE WMS implementations included their Chloorkop and Durban warehouse.  DATASCOPE WMS now controls Industrial Urethanes entire inventory supply chain.

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