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WMS Support


At DATASCOPE we have a dedicated and skilled Support Team with a wealth of experience. Their combined knowledge covers the full spectrum of WMS, SYSPRO and Technical aspects. Our support team, who are centrally located in Midrand, is able to offer both on-site and telephonic/remote support.

Support Portal

We at DATASCOPE have developed an advanced interactive support portal where our clients can log their support calls and ask for advice. This powerful system allows us to manage a log of all calls, what the cause of the call was and how we addressed the call.

On a monthly basis this call data is analysed to look for trends on call logging. This analysis is completed for each individual client as well as all logged calls. The result gives us the ability to give valuable advice to our clients on user issues, training needs, process failures etc. The full analysis allows us to investigate reoccurring problems which we then focus on with a view to enhancing the software.

Each call has a unique tracking number. A call is assigned to one of our consultants, who will be responsible for managing that call. Whenever that call is worked on, the call history is updated and the clients is automatically notified via email. On closure of the call an email detailing the root cause is sent. This email also allows the customer to give the consultant a rating on a scale of 1 to 5.

Consultants will also update our internal Timetracker system with a detailed explanation of time spent on each call and or project and this is then reviewed by Project Managers at month end.


We encourage our clients to suggest enhancements to the software to improve the overall functionality and benefit all out existing and future clients. All existing clients are given access to our on-line portal where these functionality suggestions can been logged.

Each new logged enhancement is reviewed once a month buy a team of software analysts and these enhancements are accepted or rejected. If accepted the enhancement is placed into a specification stage before being moving into the development queue.

As the development cycles continue these enhancements are assigned and developed into the core product and will become available to all clients in future version of the solution.

Our existing clients can make use of this link to access the DATASCOPE Client Portal.